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Polly podcast with Bryan Hogan

A few days ago I sat down (virtually) with Bryan Hogan of the NoDogmaPodcast to record a podcast on an Introduction to Polly.

In the podcast we talk about common resilience patterns, why you need them, and how you might use them - starting with well-known patterns such as Retry and Circuit-Breaker, and moving on to some of the more recent policies added in v5.0 by App-vNext, such as Bulkhead Isolation.

Bryan has interviewed a host of interesting speakers over recent years, including the likes of Jon Skeet, Scott Allen, Bill Wagner and Julie Lerman. Head on over to NoDogmaPodcast to check it out.

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Dylan is the lead contributor and architect on Polly, and the brains behind the roadmap, which is seeing Polly growing into the most robust, flexible and fully-featured resilience library for .NET!